How Old Are You?

Surprisingly I get this asked a lot. I am a proud 40 year old woman. I'm learning to love being a MILF and accepting that aging is a glorious thing.

How Tall Are You?

I'm a proud shorty short at only 5'3". Weird fact: I grew 3 inches when I was 21.


Chest: 36D

Waist: 29"

Hips: 42"

Shoe Size: 7.5/8

How Many Tattoos Do You Have?

Right now I have 13 pieces. Some are small like on my left pointer finger to large pieces like my left arm sleeve.

Various artists contribute to my canvas.

How Long Have You Been an Erotic Entertainer?

I have been in the industry in some form or fashion since I was 18 years old. From strip clubs, to fetish modeling, to burlesque, to camming, to content creator. I'm very sex positive and try to inspire others to be so as well, especailly women.

What Are Your Fetishes?

Oh my! Honestly I have quite a few kinks I enjoy, but my true fetishes are:



Thigh Highs and Garters


Power Play

Ass Worship/ Tit Worship/Pussy Worship

Do You Still Perform Burlesque?

I do a few times a year. I am much more selective on performances and shows now.

When Do You Cam?

Ideally I try to cam Tuesday - Saturday from 10pm -2am MST. Though I do work a day job as well so I always update on my Twitter when I will and wont be on. Keep track of my calendar to see any changes.

Can I Get a Free Sample?

I love providing teasers to my content and images and reward adoring fans. You can check out any of my adult content links for teasers, previews, samples, and freebies.

Want more? Check out my fan clubs!

Can We Meet Up?

As much as I love meeting people the best way to catch me is either during one of my live camming sessions on MyFreeCams or at one of my performances or appearances that are announced on my calendar and to those that subscribe to my mailing list. 

Tell Me About Your Dog!

My baby's name is Bones. She is an Anatolian Shepherd and Pitbull mix. She is a rescue like all my animals have been. I adopted her in August of 2018 at the age of 3.5. She is my constant companion and has given me much joy. She is a spoiled princess and you can see much of her on my social media and even on cam!

Why Did You Decide To Make Videos?

I could write a book on this I think. Though the short answer being, I am a very sex positive person that saw a lack of sensual erotica in the porn industry. Commercial porn seems to perpetuate the idea that sex is something that is done to women not with women. I wanted to focus on female pleasure and sensual erotica. I also see a lack of natural older women and thought I was a great person to be able to fill more of that niche. I'm certainly not the only one of course though I wanted to participate in that movement.

Will You Make Boy/Girl Vids?

At this point in time I do not plan on making any videos that involve another man other than my partner. My focus is on female pleasure and sensual content.

Make a Hardcore Vid!

Not really a question, but a demand I get a lot. This isn't really my thing. There is a ton of commercialized and amateur content out there that can fulfill your needs. I prefer erotic sensuality even in kink. I can definitely refer you to content creators that can fulfill this need for you.

What About Girl/Girl Vids?

That is in my plans. When I find another content creator that has the same views and is excited about the more artsy sensual content I am and they feel they will benefit as well. 

Do You Ever Offer Specials?

All the time! My memberships and clubs offer great rewards for signing  up or participating. You can also get 10% off memberships just for signing up for my mailing list. Also, you get great offers just for my email list subscribers.

Why Wont You Talk to Me In Private?

As much as I love to get know my fans there is a certain space about me that I like to keep. This is ultimately a business for me so I'd love to dedicate time to you where you get my undivided attention though that must be purchased.